The Need to Express

The Need to Express

Each one of us has a "NEED TO EXPRESS". The best way to express one’s feelings is to talk about them, share them with someone. But it often happens that, we tend to hide or suppress what we are feeling either because we haven't found somebody with whom we feel comfortable enough to be able to do that or because it makes us feel "VULNERABLE".

Why do we try to run from vulnerability? Vulnerability is not weakness, it is our greatest measure of courage. Courage to be ourselves. Yes, it involves uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. And that is why it might seem scary. But, it is an inevitable part of any relationship. The relationship we share with ourselves too.

"We cannot protect ourselves from sadness unless we protect ourselves from happiness."
Being vulnerable means being open, for wounding, but also for pleasure!

Don't mask or deny your vulnerability. Be open. Be vulnerable. Express more. Share more. Speak more. Write more. Not for anybody else but for yourself. It will only BRING YOU BACK TO LIFE!

So Come On..Pen all your feelings down. Let all those suppressed emotions come alive in something, which only belongs to you! Kyunki #abnahitohkab?

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